Technical gases for the food sector

Argon E938, nitrogen E941, carbon dioxide E290

Mariel not only operates in the refrigerant gas sector, with the Nevada Refrigerants brand, but also offers solutions for the world of food gases, treating argon E938, nitrogen E941 and carbon dioxide E290.

Our disposable cylinders are available in various formats (from 300 gr, 600 gr, 1.3 Kg, 4 Kg and 10 Kg). furthermore, the cylinders can be used with the main domestic gassers on the market and can be used in various sectors such as wine, beer, water and much more. Some models also have a residual valve.

Food gases

Carbon dioxide and sparkling water

Carbon dioxide – in the food sector E290 – is used as a propellant for tapping (mainly beer, but there are those who also use it for wine). Furthermore, carbon dioxide is the food gas used in the household gas cylinders, to ‘’gass’’ natural water, making it sparkling.

Nitrogen, beer, wine

Nitrogen is used in the food sector for the inertization and bottling of wine. Going to fill the empty part of a wine bottle with nitrogen prevents the drink from oxidizing when it comes into contract with oxygen. In some cases, even nitrogen is used as a propellant for wine and beer taps.

Argon: a noble gas

Argon gas is a noble gas which, in the food sector, is mainly used for storing wines. In particular, during the bottling phase, it is used to maintain the quality of the wine, also thanks to its being odorless, tasteless, non-corrosive and non-flammable.

Oxygen: the most famous gas

Perhaps the best known and among the most widespread gases on our planet (especially in the Earth’s atmosphere), Oxygen is used in many food sectors (for example as an E948 additive), but also in the therapeutic/hospital sector, as a drug (when speaks of medical oxygen), in hyperbaric chambers and in oxygen therapy.