IdeaTronic – Diagnosis, vacuum and charge of Automotive A/C systems


The first modular diagnosis, vacuum and charge system for cars and commercial vehicles air-conditioning systems.

IdeaTronic CS presents the maintenance of the Automotive A/C systems world in a completely new way: for the first time, it is available in three steps, with separate but integrate modules, to configure the portable diagnostic system in the way you need.

Find out how to perform a diagnosis and recharge of the car’s air conditioning system, or read on to learn more about IdeaTronic CS and compatible accessories.


Ideatronics CS charges your system with gram precision.


Handy and lightweight recharge system: 1,3 Kg only.


It is suitable with all refrigeration vacuum pumps.


All operations can be managed by a simple and intuitive display.


For use with all size refrigerant cylinders.


It manages all maintenance A/C system operations.

IdeaTronic CS: diagnosis and charge device for Automotive A/C systems

Step 1 includes the modular device for diagnosis and charge, lightweight and versatile. It is compatible with all vacuum pump and includes:

  • 2 Blue and red hoses kit of 30 cm with 1/4 Sae F end
  • 2 Blue and red hoses kit of 50 cm with 1/4 Sae F end
  • 1500 mm FF ¼ Sae hose (For direct connection of cylinder or recovery unit)
  • Temperature probe, 4 m length
  • Yellow hose for vacuum pump connection

1 Kg cylinders connection for R134a and R1234yf

IdeaTronic CS2: diagnostic device with vacuum pump

IdeaTronic CS2 is the perfect solution to perform diagnosis and vacuum in a Mobile Automotive A/C system. In addition, thanks to IdeaTronic CS2 you could recharge the air-conditioner of your car with the new R1234yf refrigerant gas.

Step 2, includes all materials listened in Step 1 and a double stage vacuum pump of 45 L./min.

All packed in a practical plastic case, weight less and optimal size, to support you in outdoor operations.

IdeaTronic CS2 with recovery unit

Step 3 has been studied to complete the system with the recovery phase. This kit includes the oil separator and the electronic balance to control refrigerant during the recovery and charge phases, as with traditional A/C station.during charge operation thanks to its integrated balance.