Maintenance and diagnosis of A/C systems: chemical products

Products for R1234yf

Mariel offers the best chemicals for the maintenance and diagnosis of air conditioning systems and compressors of A/C systems that use R1234yf refrigerant gas.

Keep your car’s air conditioning system healthy and efficient thanks to specific oils, Uv dyes and revitalizing oils designed to offer functionality and safety.

Furthermore, easily perform diagnosis and recharge of the car air conditioner thanks to IdeaTronic CS: the portable system, patented by Mariel.

Lubricating power

Superior lubrication capacity.

Many types of dye

All types of dyes available, to identify and repair gas leak.

Protected compressor

Greater protection for the compressor.

Gas leaks and leaks

Easily find leaks and gas leaks thanks to UV dyes.


Better mixing with refrigerant gases.

Lubricants in various formats

In a preloaded syringe or in a metal container, choose the most convenient format.

Oils and lubricants for conditioners

Oils and lubricants are very important inside an air conditioning system: they lubricate the moving parts of the compressors, reduce the temperature generated by the friction of the moving parts and help seal between the compression stages of a rotary compressor.

  • Ester Oil for A/C compressors – new and retrofitted – of hybrid/electric vehicles, designed to lubricate systems operating with R134a and HFC refrigerant.
  • PAG oil, viscosity 46 or 100, specific for air conditioning systems using R1234yf refrigerant gas.

The products listed are available both in the ‘’40ml preloaded syringe’’ format and in the ‘’250ml to 1 liter and over metal container’’

Dyes and find conditioner leaks

These particular chemical products, properly inserted in the circuit of a refrigeration system, help to identify any gas loss or leaks. Dyes and finds leaks, in fact, they react to UV lamps, facilitating the detection of holes and leaks in automotive air conditioners and A/C systems.

  • High definition UV dye, specific for R1234yf refrigerant – Syringe preloaded with 45 ml – Recommended dose: 5 ml per kg of gas
  • Specific UV dye for R1234yf – Formed of 240 ml or 475 ml with dispenser – Recommended dose: 7.5 ml per kg of gas
  •  ‘’Most concentrated’’ UV HD dye specific for R1234yf – Formed of 240 ml or 475 ml with dispenser – Recommended dose: 5 ml per kg of gas

R1234yf: equipment and work tools

The catalog of equipment and work tools that Mariel makes available to those working with R1234yf refrigerant gas are many.

There are cylinders with a pressure gauge (to diagnose and recharge A/C systems) and quick couplers for R1234yf. And, more: reductions with quick coupler, ball valves, spare pressure gauges and quick couplers fitted.

There is no lack of connections and reductions, magnetic extensions to reach screws and bolts in awkward positions, extendable mirrors for inspections and controls, ratchet wrenches, combs for flaps, steel screw-lifters.

The complete list, product variants and technical specifications are available in the Automotive Catalog, in the R1234yf refrigerant gas section.