Oils for refrigeration systems

Synthetic lubricants

Mariel offers an oils line in different viscosities and sizes. These products are studied to maintain efficiency and long-life of the compressors and vacuum pumps. Keeping the system components lubricated improves the refrigeration capacity of the system.

The following products are present in our catalogue:

  • Oil viscosity 32 and viscosity 100 for compressors in the 1 l size
  • Oil viscosity 68 for vacuum pumps in 1 l and 250 ml sizes
  • Spray lubricant for tubes & pipes

If you need different oils and viscosities, request information to our sales department.


Oils with high lubrication capacity, available in different viscosities.


Oils maintain lubricated your system, from the compressor to the vacuum pump.


It lubricates the o-ring o the hoses, before the application of the pipe unions.

UV Dyes and leak finder for refrigeration systems

Mariel offers a UV dyes line studied to find leaks in every systems. UV dyes are available in different sizes and concentration and are compatible with different refrigerant gases.

Our UV dyes are available in size from 240 ml to 475 ml, both in dispensing bottle. The recommended doses are 7,5 ml standard UV dye each gas/Kg or 5 ml HD concentrated UV dye each gas/Kg.


UV dyes compatible with refrigerant gases: R600a, R290, R32.

More concentrated

Find out the HD concentrated UV dyes: less quantity for high results.


Inserting UV dye into the system by using ¼’’ F injector.

Antifreeze fluids

Glicogelo is an ecological antifreeze fluids, non-corrosive and compatible with all metals, in particular with alumium, present in the cooling or heating circuits (e.g.: boilers, radiators, heating systems, chiller air condition unites). It is a pure solution to dilute at the required freezing point by using water.

The product is glycol-based both Monoethylene and Propylelene, the last one has been studied to be used in food sector. Visit our catalogue to discover the various sizes.


The antifreeze fluid is non-corrosive and perfect with all metals.


Liquids usable in the cooling and heating circuits.


The product does not contain pollutants such as amines and nitrites.