Aluminium pipes welding equipment


The first kit using 1 l or 2 l interchangeable oxygen cylinders at a pressure of 110 Bar, with pressure reducer and gas control valve.

Certified and autogenous welding kit; it’s lightweight, safe and portable.

Thanks to its small size it can be used in difficult-to-reach areas and in many interventions.

Complete with accessories.

Safe and equipped with flashback arrestors.

Turbo Map line includes

Thanks to Turbo Map, welding aluminium is easier. Mariel offers an easy-to-use and effective welding line, good for repairing aluminium pipes, condensers and evaporators. These are non-porous welding, perfect for refrigeration systems. The same line is available for Automotive world too, to perform welding on the vehicles’ A/C systems.

Turbo Map line includes:

  • Turbo Map (Propylene – propane) cylinders of 400 g
  • Torch with variable flame control function Ø 16 mm
  • High quality torch with replaceable burners: Ø 15 small-soft soldering and Ø 38 heatsink.
  • “Chill gel” liquid heat sink for welding, specially formulated to avoid the damages caused by heating of components and surrounding parts during the welding process. Odour-free, safe, non-toxic and harmless on the skin.

Find out more, watching Turbo Map and Chill Gel welding video on YouTube Channel.


Easy-to-use for a quick and effective welding operation.


Pefect for repairing aluminium pipes, condensers and evaporators.


Guaranteed quality of the welding line products to work safely.


Portable welding kit to extreme flexibility of use.


The complete line includes all necessary equipments for a professional welding.


Mariel’s welding rods are cadmium-free.

Portable welding kit

Mariel offers the smallest autogenous welding kit with non-refillable cylinder and cartridge. The kit is mobile with a reduced dimensions metal trolley; it allows professional welding performances combined with versatility and flexibility. Particularly suitable system for hydraulics and air-conditioning & refrigeration world.

The portable welding kit includes the following components:

  • 100 l oxygen cylinder – 110 Bar
  • Maxi gas cylinder
  • Oxygen reducer and gas tap with double protection return valves
  • Filler metal with flux
  • 2 m connected pipes
  • Handle with regulation taps and lance
  • Microset (specific kit for micro-welding)
  • Glasses by protection
  • Multi-purpose key Ignitor