Dispensing gun for the injection of the chemical products in the Automotive A/C systems

RevoPro UV dyes and tracer

RevoPro is the innovative system to insert the chemical products for the maintenance and diagnosis of the automotive A/C systems. Mariel studied this product to perform a quickly maintenance of the car's air conditioning system.

RevoPro is a precise tool: thanks to the graduated syringe, it is possible to adjust the quantity of product inserted. RevoPro can be used in professial mode with the dispensing gun, the gun is equipped with an adapter thanks to which it is possible to inject chemical products. It can also be used in manual mode as a simple syringe, thanks to the supplied plunger. The RevoPro line of chemical products, available in single-dose format, includes:

  • New generation leak stop compatible with all refrigerant gases
  • Revitalizing: improves the cooling efficiency of the system
  • UV dyes: locate the leaks
  • Oils: different viscosities compatible with R1234yf and R134a gases


Maintenance with an infinite range of products, in 3 simple steps.


The amount of chemical inserted in the system can be adjusted.


Thanks to the RevoPro refills it is possible to work with all the refrigerant gases.

Lubricants for automotive A/C systems

Synthetic oils PAG and POE

Mariel offers a wide range of lubricating oils for air conditioning systems. To prolong life and improve the efficiency of the compressor, the system must always be kept well lubricated. Mariel produces POE type synthetic oils (PolyOlster) and PAG type synthetic oils (PolyAlkylene Glycol), both in different formats and with different viscosities, compatible with most systems and refrigerants in the automotive market.


PAG and POE oils with superior lubrication capacity, available in various viscosities.


Better mixing with the refrigerant gases used in the automotive A/C world.


Greater protection for the A/C compressor of cars and vehicles.

Internal washing of A/C systems

Nevada flush and accessories

Nevada Flush is a washing liquid designed specifically for the world of refrigerant gases, to effectively remove impurities, metal, gummy and oily residues present in the circuit. Being a product specifically designed for the internal cleaning of an entire air conditioning system, this liquid is also for descaling condensers and highly clogged systems. Nevada Flush is available in different sizes and can also be purchased in practical and lightweight kits that allow you to perform all internal washing operations of any system.


After vacuum phase: fast cleaning, no residues, thanks to rapid evaporation.


Compatible with all refrigerant gases and lubricating oils.


It does not contain any smoking acid and not damage neither the aluminum, nor its alloys.

Automotive and air-conditioner sanitization

Scented Sanet, with nebulizer

To devise the hygienic interior of the vehicles and air-conditioner, Mariel has devised Sanet. Sanet is an easy-to-use revolutionary product, studied to eliminate all smells caused by the bacterial flora present in the air-conditioner and automotive A/C system. Notoriously, these bacteria form inside the radiating masses and pipelines; Sanet, however, is able to reach  and destroy these bacteria, thanks to a nebulization system.

Thanks to the spray expulsion, Sanet leaves a pleasant perfume proposed in five different scents: fresh, vanilla, blue ocean, spearmint and papaya.


Thanks to its nebulization system, it reaches every critical point.


Eliminates all smells and allows sanitizing the air-conditioners and vehicles.


It leaves a pleasant perfume. Sanet is available in five very fresh fragrances.

External washing of A/C systems

Nevada Clean-L

Nevada Clean is a cleaning liquid with descaling action, ready to use, designed for the external washing of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. This product is specific for the cleaning of evaporators and condensers radiant masses where notoriously the most encrusted dirt is created, source of bacteria. Nevada Clean-L does not damage the aluminum, nor its alloys, restoring the original brightness of the metal. It does not contain any smoking acid. Safer use for the operators. This liquid can also be purchased in practical kits that contain all the equipment necessary for professional cleaning.


Liquid already diluted and ready to use. Complete kit to operate at speed.


It does not contain fuming acids and does not damage metal alloys in any way.


It does not contain any smoking acid and not damage neither the aluminum, nor its alloys.