Diagnosis and recharge of HVAC systems.


IdeaTronic is a compact digital device for diagnosis, vacuum and charge of split air-conditioners, refrigerators and commercial refrigerator systems. IdeaTronic is a hand-help with large display and multi-languages software that revolutionizes the way to recharge and to diagnose the refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

In the palm of the hand, a device equipped with a digital decimal vacuum gauge, able to charge refrigerants, also of new generation, including flammable ones.


IdeaTronic charge the system with gram accuracy.


Handy and light-weight recharge system: only 1,2 Kg.


Combinable with all models of vacuum pumps and recovery stations.


All operations can be run through the easy-to-use display.


Compatible with all refrigerant gases and containers of 1, 2, 5, 10, 40 Kg wieight


Easy-to-use thanks to a simplified diagnosis system.

IdeaTronic - IdeaT

Mariel offers a modular system for diagnosis and recharge of refrigeration and civil air-conditioning system. Ideat is the name of the kit and includes IdeaTronic hand-held device, fully equipped with adapters and valves to operate with all refrigerant fluids, into a practice and lightweight case.

IdeaTronic - IdeaT/V

IdeaT-V is the name of a kit that, together with all accessories included in IdeaT, includes a vacuum pump with case; it is usable with 1, 2, 5 12 and 40 Kg cylinders. To get more information about IdeaTronic, watching the corresponding video on YouTube Channel.