Nevada Refrigerants: our gases

Refrigerant gases and fluids for the HVAC world

Mariel has always commercialized gases and refrigerant fluids under Nevada Refrigerants brand, known throughout the world and, since its inception, synonymous of quality, safety and professionalism in the HVAC world.

Under Nevada Refrigerant brand, Mariel sells and constantly updated a wide range of refrigerants, in order to keep up to the market trends and regulatory adjustments. This indicates a move towards better performance gases, with lower global warming potential and with reduced environmental impact.

Refrigerants, currently used, but will have a short life.


Freon R-134a, an alkyl halide, has been developed as a CFC substitute. It is used as a cooling fluid in the compression refrigeration cycles. It is considered as a low environmental impact refrigerant (HFC family).


From 2020 R404A will be banned from use in commercial refrigeration. Today there are substitutes such as R448A, R449A, R452A, R407H.


It is slowly disappearing to give way to R32 gas – as it has a GWP of 675, lower than R410A gas – although the two gases are not replaceable, because the R32 gas is flammable and requires a different system.




The R448A refrigerant is obtained by HFC and HFO mixture (in specific the gases R32, R125, R134a, R1234yf, R1234ze). It is a substitute of the R404A and R507 gases, and is used in industrial and commercial refrigeration.


Created as a substitute of the R404A and R507 gases, R449A refrigerant is a HFO and HFC mixture. Low and medium temperature commercial and industrial applications.


The R452A refrigerant gas is a mixture of hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) and hydrofluoro-olefins (HFO) created to reduce the environmental impact and replace the R404A gas, and maintaining similar performance.


Mixture composed by R32, R125 and R134a gases, R407H refrigerant is considered as a possible alternative to the R22 gas, in fact it has similar efficiency and performances, even though it is not ozone resistant and has a GWP lower than R404A gas.




Gas R32 is made up of 50% of the mixture used to make R410A, but has a lower GWP and therefore less impact on global warming. R32 is a low inflammability refrigerant.


R600a isobutane gas is a low environmental impact hydrocarbon with good thermodynamic properties. This is the reason because it is used as refrigerant for domestic use or in distributors, commercial and domestic installations.


Increasingly widespread as an alternative refrigerant to R22, R134a and R12, the R290 gas is a pure HC hydrocarbon, considered eco-friendly due to its low environmental impact. Application in industrial and commercial refrigeration.


“R1234yf” fluid is part of a new class of refrigerants in automotive air conditioners. R1234yf has a global warming potential (GWP) rating of 4. 335 times less than that of R-134a (GWP = 1430).

Refrigerant gases: our sizes

Mariel shall provide to its customer a very rich range of refrigerant gas sizes. We have solutions start from 1 liter of product and reach isotanks, to satisfy every type of request and every need of companies, societies and industries operating in the world of refrigeration and air conditioning.

Furthermore, Mariel offers filling and testing services of your cylinders. It is possible to request laboratory analysis, safety and test consulting, as well as servicing on the disposal of old refrigerant gases, technical gases, food gases.