Welding for automotive A/C


The first kit using 1 l or 2 l interchangeable oxygen cylinders at a pressure of 110 Bar, with pressure reducer and gas control valve.

Certified and autogenous welding kit; it’s lightweight, safe and portable.

Thanks to its small size it can be used in difficult-to-reach areas and in many interventions.

Complete with accessories.

Safe and equipped with flashback arrestors.

Turbo map

The Turbo MAP Portable Kit is also available for the automotive world, to make the welding process on automotive air-conditioning systems even easier. Turbo Map, therefore, is not only a solution designed for the industrial world, but is portable and easy to use in garages and centers that deal with repairs on the A/C system of any type of vehicle.

Ideal for welding on pipes and parts in aluminium (and not only) of the A/C systems in the automotive world, Turbo Map allows to weld small breaks or holes in the pipes, to avoid to operate with an expensive and complex component replacement. The special Turbo Map welding alloy, in fact, has a melting point lower than that of aluminium, and allows welding operations even on such a ductile metal with a low melting point.

The Turbo Map line includes:

  • Turbo Map  400 g refills
  • Propane torch with variable flame control function Ø 16 mm
  • High-quality torch with replaceable burners: microwelding Ø 15 and heat sink Ø 38
  • Liquid heat sink ‘’Chill Gel’’, which avoid damage caused by heat on components adjacent to the welding area. Safe, non-toxic, kind to the skin and odorless.


Easy to use, for quick and economical welding


Ideal for welding the aluminium, evaporators and condensers in A/C systems


The quality of products and welding equipment is guaranteed.


The welding kit is portable: for greater freedom of movement during work.


Complete line of all the tools necessary for a professional welding.


The welding rods proposed by Mariel do not contain cadmium.