Tools, equipment and components for Automotive air conditioning system Automotive A/C

Automotive A/C

Mariel offers a wide range of equipment, components, spare parts and tools for companies and professionals operating in the Automotive A/C sector.

Mariel provides, for the world of Automotive A/C, micro-leaks detection instrument (with Nitrogen or Hydrogen mixture), a complete range of fittings and quick couplers, adapters, valves and pressure gauges suitable for R1234yf cylinders and systems.

The offer of Automotive A/C tools and components goes together with other products included in the catalogue designed for diagnosis & re-charge and for air conditioning and refrigeration welding.


Micro-leaks Nitrogen Hydrogen detection kit for testing HVAC & A/C systems.

Quick couplers

And also valves, pressure gauges, adapters. There is all you need for Automotive A/C.


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Ultra Ozone 3

Cold plasma ozone generator. It eliminates odours and sanitizes passenger car.

Everything for R1234yf

Tools, equipment and quick couplers for R1234yf, both for Automotive A/C companies and experts.

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