Nitrogen Hydrogen for detection of micro leaks

Nitrogen Hydrogen for automotive A/C systems

Azoidro is a kit produced by Mariel for the research of micro leaks inside refrigeration and conditioning circuits of the automotive world.

Thanks to the microscopic hydrogen molecules and the use of the specific leak detector it is possible to quickly detect smaller losses compared to the standards. This can be used in different operations such as: testing evaporators and condensers for leaks, and during testing the switch and gauges calibration.


The kit identifies the position of the losses even the smallest.


Simple to use, it allows rapid identification of the leak.


Can be used in various maintenance operations on various types of systems.

Ozone generator for the sanitization of the passenger compartment

Ultra Ozone

Ultra Ozone is a ozone generator that allows the total elimination of odors and pathogens from the passenger compartment of your car. The properties of ozone make it one of the most effective gases for room disinfection and deodorization systems. It is a safe product that does not leave harmful residues since, after reclaiming the decided environment, it spontaneously returns to its original state, ie oxygen. Ultra Ozone is the ideal product for sanitizing the interior of your vehicle: it offers low consumption and high performance even in the presence of humidity.


Total disappearance of toxic residues and elimination of pathogens.


Da 25 a 50 minuti il tempi di applicazione a seconda delle dimensioni del veicolo.


Can be used in different environments from the car to hotel rooms.


Easy to use, small size and weight, suitable for all situations.


Significant energy savings compared to standard generators.


No formation of secondary pollutants: ozone perishes in oxygen.