Technical gases

Oxygen, nitrogen, argon, nitrogen-hydrogen, carbon dioxide

Mariel not only operates in the refrigerant gas sector, with the Nevada Refrigerants brand, but also offers solutions for the world of technical gases, which are created to perform or support maintenance operations on various types of systems.

Our disposable cylinders are available in various formats (from 300 gr, 600 gr, 1,3 kg, 4 Kg and 10 Kg). These gases can be used in various applications such as the aquarium world, welding, systems cleaning and leak detection.

Technical gases

Carbon dioxide and aquariums

Carbon dioxide (CO2) also exists as a technical gas, and is used in the world of aquariums. In fact, in aquarism, carbon dioxide is used to create an environment more favorable to the health of decorative plants (but not only). It is usually dissolved in water by micronization of bubbles, using special instruments.

Nitrogen: pressurized systems

In the technical sector, nitrogen is used to put pressure on the systems (and, in some cases, to test tightness and performance).

Argon: shielding gas

Argon gas is used, in the technical sector as a ‘’shielding gas’’. It is used to improve the process and the result of the welding and, insufflated in controlled conditions in the lance, ensures a protection from oxidation at the root of the weld.

Nitrogen-hydrogen: leaf finder

Thanks to the very fine hydrogen molecule this gas is very useful for finding micro leaks in refrigeration and air conditioning circuits.

Oxygen: to weld better

In the technical sector, oxygen is used in the welding process (both in the automotive world and in the industrial world) to increase the calorific value of the flame and to improve its performance. As we have seen, it is often used together with a shielding gas, such as argon.