Flushing and maintenance of the air-conditioning systems.

Chemical products for HVAC world

Explore of range of chemical products and solutions for maintenance and flushing of the refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. Our selections has been designed for refrigeration and air-conditioning companies and industries sector so that chemical products and reliable instruments to keep air-conditioning and cooling systems efficient, can be forthcoming.

Discover RevoPro Line: easy-to-use and innovative dispensing gun to insert the chemical products and the maintenance of the A/C and HVAC systems. See our section dedicated to the HVAC systems flushing and to Nevada Flush, Sanet, Climafresh products. You can find all you need in our page dedicated to the oils and lubricants, to glycol, UV dyes and solvent-free leak stop.


Dispensing gun to insert UV dyes and detect leaks inside the systems, even full A/C.

UV dyes

Chemical additives to find the leaks in the HVAC industrial systems.

Oils and lubricants

Synthetic POE oils for the proper operation of the refrigeration systems.


Protect your system from the ice by using glicol and other chemicals included in Mariel’s catalogue.

Flushing and Sanification

Hygienized and sanitized the air-conditioning systems by using Climafresh, Nevada Flush and Sanet.

Leak stop

The leak stop can repair the small leaks of gas in your refrigeration system