Automotive A/C Catalogue

An irreplaceable tool to learn about the range of products that Mariel dedicates to companies and specialists operating in the automotive sector. Download our catalog with refrigerant gases, tracers and leak detectors, equipment and chemical products to operate with auto A / C systems.

    Solutions and products for Automotive air-conditioning systems


    Mariel produces and offers a wide range of solutions and products for Automotive Refrigeration and truck's air-conditioning.

    We offer a full range of products dedicated to the world of Automotive A/C: large quantities of refrigerants in various size cylinders (from the 1 liter cylinder to the isotanks), chemical products (oils, leak finder, leak stop), maintenance and sanitation (Sanet e Ultra Ozone3)refrigeration system equipment for car air conditioners, fast and precise welding solutions for aluminum pipes and A/C system parts.

    In addition, Mariel is the manufacturer brand of the IdeaTronic CS diagnostic and charging system: the practical and portable solution designed specifically for the world of Automotive air conditioning.


    Supplying of refrigerant gases in various size cylinders, for Automotive and Truck companies.

    Chemical products

    PAG and POE oils, UV dyes, leak stop, sanitizing products: all you need for maintenance and flushing of the A/C systems.


    Tools and R1234yf quick couplers, Nitrogen-Hydrogen and Ultra Ozone3 sanitizing products.


    Professional kit for refrigeration and air-conditioning welding operations .

    IdeaTronic CS

    Patented portable system for diagnosis and charge of Automotive A/C systems.

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