Automotive A/C recharge with refrigerant

Gas R1234yf e R134a

Mariel offers to Automotive operators the best solutions for air-conditioning systems recharge. You can buy: the new R1234yf flammable refrigerant gas, now used in most new generation A/C cars, and the R134a refrigerant gas, still used in many old generation vehicles.

To operate on systems that use these refrigerant gases, Mariel offers specific chemical products for the maintenance together with chemical products for the leak detection in the systems.

In addition, for anyone interested in diagnosis and recharge of the Automotive air-conditioning system, there is IdeaTronic CS: versatile, compact and easy-to-move.

R1234yf refrigerant gas

New generation Automotive A/C refrigerant R1234yf.

Automotive A/C system recharge

The newest or most popular refrigerants? Choose the one that is right for you.

R134a refrigerant gas

Used on all A/C car systems registered until 2012. It has been replaced by R1234yf.

R1234yf Chemicals

Included in the R1234yf chemical products you find: oils and UV dyes.

Chemical products

Oils, UV dyes, leak stop, sanitizing and flushing products for the air-conditioning systems.

R134a  Chemicals

Lubricants and UV dyes useful in detecting leaks in the air-conditioning systems.

R1234yf gas Automotive A/C refrigerant

R1234yf is the latest news in the world of refrigerant gases in the Automotive air-conditioning systems. After being approved in 2008, the European Union’s F-gas regulations specify that beginning on January 1st, 2017 new vehicles fitted with A/C have to be manufactured with a low GWP refrigerant (R1234yf). R1234yf can be used safely in vehicles and it is environmental friendly in fact, it has a GWP of 4 so 355 times lower than R134a gas.

Mariel designed R1234yf “Diagnosis e Recharge system”, an easy-to-use small cylinder size with manifold gauge. The system allows the correct control and injection of refrigerant in the A/C system without having to use charging station, a real revolution in the field of Automotive air-conditioning!

R1234yf refrigerant gas is available in different cylinder sizes, from 1lt / 2lt small canisters to 5lt.

Refrigerant to recharge Automotive air-conditioner R134a A/C gas

R134a gas is a refrigerant used in the automotive sector to recharge the air conditioner and, in general, for vehicles and transportation A/C systems. This product has a GWP of 1.430 and it is no longer used in Europe in cars production, with the exception of heavy good vehicles (trucks, buses, military vehicles).

R134a refrigerant gas is available in different cylinder sizes, from 1lt / 2lt small canisters to 5lt / 10lt ones, up to the 850kg cylinder for industries.

This refrigerant gas, presents in the older vehicles, is increasingly replaced by R1234yf fluid.