RevoPro: dispensing gun for chemical products

Injection of UV dyes and leak stop

RevoPro is the practical and innovative system produced by Mariel, perfect to find leaks and the maintenance of the HVAC systems. RevoPro can be used both with the manual system and with the professional system equipped with a gun for inserting chemical products into the systems.

Quick and precise system, thanks to the graduated syringe it is possible to insert the right amount of product from 1 ml to 5 ml and, by using the adapter with non-return valve, it is possible to inject the chemical products even with the full system (max 5 bar). Easy and quick maintenance operations.


It is possible performing the maintenance with full A/C system.


It is possible to insert the right amount of products by using the flow regulator.


Thanks to RevoPro recharges, it is possible to operate with all refrigerant gases.

UV dyes, leak stop, revitalizer recharges

RevoPro Line is completed with the recharges suitable for the dispensing gun and the manual system. The line includes:

  • Multi-gas UV dye in 45 ml size, compatible with all refrigerants –non-flammable and flammable (R600a – R290 – R32).
  • Super concentrated multi-gas UV dye in 45 ml size. The UV dye is compatible with R600a, R290 and R32 refrigerants.
  • Leak stop for rubber and metal parts, in 30 ml size, offers the following advantages:
    • Compatible with all refrigerants and lubricants
    • Polymers-free
    • It does not reach with moisture
    • Does not clog the components and does not damage the compressors
    • Useful for micro-losses
  • The revitalizer in the 30 ml format (compatible with all refrigerant gases) is ideal for increasing the performance of old systems and reduces the temperature in A / C systems by about 3/4 degrees Celsius