Flushing of the air-conditioning and refrigeration systems

Nevada Flush and accessories

Nevada Flush is an inner flushing fluid for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. Mariel developed this product to obtain a safety flush of the system, but comfortable and efficient.

The 9 bar pressurized cylinder removes any impurity and oil/metal residual which are deposited into the system. It is a safety product, it does not damage the metals and rubber parts, and in addition, the fluid is non-flammable.

Nevada Flush fluid is included in practical kit with all necessary equipment to perform, quickly and conveniently, flushing operations.


Strong cleansing power perfect to descale very clogged condensers.


Compatible with all refrigerants and oils.


Delicate on the surfaces, it does not damage tubes and rubber components.


Even in reduced mobility, the kit allows a proper flushing of the system.


It remove all debris from Tubes without residues.

Cost saving

All necessary equipment for inner flushing of the system at a good price.

Sanitizers and deodorants for air-conditioners


Sanet is an easy-to-use revolutionary product against molds and smells, it autonomously make the sanitization of the home conditioner.

Thanks to Sanet vaporizer system, the product deeply penetrates into the system eliminating all smells caused by molds and bacteria flora that are usually spread inside the pipelines.

Climafresh is an invisible air-freshener to insert into the air-conditioner, it leaves at the environment the aroma of your favorite fragrance.

Against molds

It removes molds for air-conditioners and refrigerators.

Against smells

It eliminates the smeels present into the refrigeration systems.

Spray application

Thanks to its vaporizer, Sanet deeply clean the system.

Reduction of bacterial flora

Thanks to Sanet you can get rid bacterial flora that cause odours.


Invisible air-freshener makes enjoyable the fragrance of your air-conditioner.

Choosing your frangrance

Climafresh is available in many fragrances to offer you a variety.