Conditioning and Heating & Plumbing sector: tools, equipment and components

Refrigeration tools and kits

Mariel offers a wide range of equipment, components, spare parts and tools for companies and professionals operating in the business of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, heating & plumbing sector – both industrial and civil.

In this area, you will discover our Pumpair (used to pressurize the expansion vessel of hot water systems/boilers) and our Nitrogen and Nitrogen-Hydrogen micro-leaks detection kits.

The offer for the refrigeration and air-conditioning business world of tools and components goes together with other products included in the catalogue: our refrigerant gases (available in different cylinder sizes), the instruments for diagnosis, recharge and maintenance, and the welding kit necessary to repair the systems.

Nitrogen-Hydrogen kit

Useful micro-leaks detection device for refrigeration systems, together with leak finder / UV dye.

Nitrogen Kit

Useful leaks detection device for HVAC systems, evaporators, condensers and much more…


Visit the section dedicated to maintenance products, diagnosis and flushing of the air-conditioning systems.


Discover our cleaning, maintenance and efficiency chemical products for refrigerant systems.

Welding kit

Performing welding on air- conditioning systems: quick and effective, with our business solutions.

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